I am using Visual Studio 13 and programming in visual basic for a intro CSCi class. I need to write a program to calculate weekly pay using a textbox to enter the number of hours via click event, a listbox showing the hours entered, then a text box for hourly rate, another button to calculate weekly pay, then finally two text boxes one displaying the total hours worked and another showing total weekly pay. I got alot of my basics in place and set up my form but none of the code im using is doing what I need to... please help with demonstration of how to do it.

Re: How do I use a list box to add up a series of numbers 80 80

Can't say what you are doing wrong unless you show us the code you are running. We are not going to just give you the solution.

Re: How do I use a list box to add up a series of numbers 80 80

Add the values in a column or row by using a button. You can use AutoSum to quickly sum a range of numbers in a column or row. Click an empty cell below a column of numbers or to the right of a row of numbers, and then click AutoSum. Excel selects what it determines to be the most likely range of data.

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