hi everyone,

i need help to find a briliant idea for a software project for my graduation :sad: im looking for something in creatnig database by access, i have a good experince in C++ also in web design. i like to do something for childreen if it is possible
....plz ;) im so in need for briliant ideas with some details about acheiving them.....thanks in advance to everyone.

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If you want to do something for children: create a game. If your project needs more value, you could add a database backend to track what the children have done (and possible grade the effort).

E.g. a calculus game, where you can track specific errors being made by kids.


Hi pritaeas,

Thanks for the idea, sounds good but the problem is I don't have any knowledge in creating games. ;) Could you please give more tips in how to do it on the example you have given. Thanks again.

Any other ideas plz:sad: …..'something for children is option'.


What topics do you find interesting? It's hard to think of something without knowing what you like...

One small game could be a calculus triangle. Depending on the age/level of the kids, you can start with (say) 5 numbers at the bottom of a triangle. the next level are the four sums of the level below, and so on. Like this:

20 28
8 12 16
3 5 7 9
1 2 3 4 5

There are many variations possible. You can store the bases in the db, also the results. If the result is incorrect you can store this as well. Then you can see where common mistakes are made.


Pritaeas thanks for the clarification.

What topics do you find interesting?.

As I mentioned before, I like to do something with db. Also I know the basics of VB, so if you have any idea to do something with the two areas, I will be happy to have it even I need to read more about VB. thanks in advance

Any suggestion ??


Create a childrens website with Popup ebooks using flash. Or just make one and that should convey your idea and you should get a good grade on it. Unless you have enough time to create a small website.


Joe Right Thanks for your idea. Could you please give some information about it i.e. some websites which work with the same idea or that help me to do it? Thanks again.

Any other ideas mate?

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