How do I start a MonoDevelop software program as a system service on Windows, Linux, and Mac? Windows appears to not have a system service setting. I have a WCF service that essentially runs from command line. Even if I have to run from command line, I will need to be able to start the command line server on startup.

Apologies for the weird tech, all you have to do is compile MonoDevelop for windows as per the instructions, and when you have a good WCF service you need to remember to set up the project as conventional command line until we can figure out how to run as service.

I am going to have overloads for this service on all those flavors, but linux and windows is most pressing.

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The more I read the more I thought I would never use this. Why not just use Visual Studio (a free version) and then for Linux do what you must there?

Also, is the service so specific it can't be done in the usual other languages? As in JAVA.

Have a look at a library called TopShelf. They have managed to quiet elegantly abstract all the service nuances out into a friendly interface.

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