Can anybody plz help me with this question for my assingment it is due the 25 june and i can't get this question done......

The manager of a speedy bus company needs to know how many people travel by bus to different regions, which have codes A, B and C. Accept the region code and number of passengers for every bus. A region code = Z, indicates the end of the data. Calculate the total number of passengers per region who used the bus during the day, and display the region totals. Also indicate which region had the lowest number of passengers on that day. Draw an IPO chart and write and algorithm in pseudocode to solve this problem.


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When you say, "help you", what do you mean exactly? Do you mean you need help to overcome a problem you have with your solution, or do you mean you want someone to post a whole solution so that you can get a good grade for your assignment without doing any work?

If the latter, no hope. If the former, what have you got so far?

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