I am having an SAS Learning Ed. But it is not running in my PC.

My PC has following configuration:

RAM-512 MB
Hard Disk - 160 GB
Processor-Intel P 4 3.06 Ghz
Mother Board Intel Original D 865 G

The SAS is not running in my PC...I have installed and reinstalled

time.Help says that Library file is not found.

Every valid syntax run through CODE ends with UNABLE TO CONNECT WITH

The same SAS software is running in a PC having following
configuration- ---

RAM-256 MB
Hard Disk-40 GB
Processor - Intel P 4 2.40 GHz
Mother Board -Intel Original D 845 G

Please send me some solution...

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I was having exactly the same problem as you. I'm sure you're using version 1.3 which has expired after dec 31 2006. Basically those sneaky fleecers at the SAS inst want more of your money to renew the software licence which expires every 2 years. The errors your getting which include not being able to view your local library when you click the server icon in its window, are due to the expiration.
I suggest you change your system clock to fool SAS into thinking you're comp is still in the licence period. Yes - its that simple, and watch your code will magically produce results. When I discovered this I was quite angry for the software not ommiting the proper error message but laughing at it the same time for having such a crude method get customers to renew.
To hell with thier renewal I say, I payed £110 for this the first time at home and hardly used it!



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