Hello, Everyone. I want to get opinion in developing software project. I will be studying Oracle and will need to do a project using Oracle. Can anyone give any idea on what project I can do. It doesn't matter what language to be used as long as it used Oracle.

I need something rare or special. Can anyone think of any idea beside Registration System, Hotel reservation System, Online Assignment Submission System, Online Survey System, Online Shopping Cart, Online Wedding, Online Cinema or Online Catering which are common. It would be better if it is related to the demand and technology nowadays.

Thank you very much :)

How 'bout writing your own wiki site? (one that allows many users to edit the page)

An Oracle database could be used to store pages, revisions on pages, and users that edit the wiki.

That's a current technology and has some pretty clear concepts to be implemented. :)

That's seems like a good idea. Thanks The Gathering.

Anyone have any other idea? Hmm... like idea that are useful to the market nowadays.

before you develop your peoject and i suggest you anything my i know what are the programming languages that you know,which can be used as frontend . and as u said u will be studying oracle ,it means u also have few or no idea of oracle it self. In this conditions i am confused what to suggest you . One thing i can suggest to you is first go through the languages and database (oracle) . AFter taht you can develop any project you want.

The programming language that I know are C#, Java, C++ and the scripting language that i know are PHP and Javascript. Well, I have basic knowledge of Oracle such as the basic command insert, delete, update, select and a little of other command such as create view, stored procedure etc.

Knowing Basic SQL and even if u r using PL/SQL will not be sufficient enought to drive your application well. Let us presume you know know languages like C++/Java/C# very well then wat will happen is you will leave most of the tasks to the frontend tat is Presentation Layer. SO you will end up slow application for the user end. But then if u know much of Oracle and backend layer you can do query optimization and have a robust fast application.

First learn the three tier architecture well. develop proper business logic and then deploy a good application and for that you need to know a good lot of Oracle. Knowing frontend Application languages alone does not help. So what debashis said was very convincing. Learn Oracle well and then only proceed with a project.

Try to learn prepared statements/query optimization/ and have robust business logic. Then proceed

Ok. Thank you for your advice shoukvid.k :)

Rinoa04 no project is common in any way, its up to you that how sophisticated you can make any project, its up to your talent. There are lots of word processor software available in market.. but why only the Microsoft Word is most popular.. because it is well made and fully sophisticated than any other product available in the market in this category. So don't think what new you will develop but think how much better you can make your current project to which you say common.

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