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Cool forum! I'm just looking for some advice. I'm designing an interface for a public display as well as an admin interface that will control the output for the display. The display will feature text, images and video - both normal video files and live streamed video. The admin interface basically lets the administrater choose which text, images, video etc appear on the display. It's not online - just a local app, run from a PC and the video and images etc will be stored in folders on the hard drive - not on a database.

What would be the best way of designing this? I'm considering either Flash (because of the front end aspects of it) or something like C++ or Delphi. Any thoughts on this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Probably Web Design is more appropriate forum for this query.
Not being a web-developer/expert my guess would be that JSP for front-end and Apache as a web-server should do your work.
Looking at your problem stmt there doesn't seem to be much business logic and given a local network there won't be many security/authorization issues as well. So you don't really need an App Server like JBoss/web-sphear..

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