my name is Muhammad Allam, I live in Egypt. I'm student at Computer science in Menufia university. I search about ideas in Embedded systems, suited to be my Graduation project with my two friends. could you provide me with any idea?any clue?
Thanks in advance

Muhammad Allam

Well... I always wanted to control the light in my room using my computer... can you create an embedded systems that does this by connecting to my computer and to the light bulb :D

That's very easy, I remember some of my friends did this before as a fun project. and we in Egypt developed a lot of system to control all home devices :D

Dear Mohamed look, before getting the idea you should choice the field you want to work in, i.e. AI, Compiler and Theory, Software Engineering, Game Development.
Just tell me the field you like and I'll help en shaa ALLAH to get more ideas...

Hi all,
thanks zmariow for ur contribution actually as Ramy Mahrous it's very easy and I know many friends do it also as a fun project.
to Ramy thanks for ur reply really I need any idea that is good and suitable to be GP. my last projects in software engineering 1 and 2 courses i did two projects using j2me and win with them second place in different competition one of them extends BT range to be unlimited and the second project Use Mobile camera to recording video and displaying it life at PC and Use Mobile camera as webcam over Bluetooth using J2ME, J2SE, C++. that's my that's projects for courses. Don't misunderstand me that self-conceit. I told u that to recognize we are- elhamdo ellah- can work in any field but the idea should be new and have innovation.

waits your reply

Muhammad Allam

I and my group interested in embedded system , AI and expert system.
do you have any ideas in these fields??

mmmm, you can work in medical applications like, to identify the disease, give appropriate treatment, use AI to extract some information from image aka image mining.
Allam, my advice to you as I recently graduated, don't do any project won't be sold, put your graduation on a hand and on the other business benefits, search for your customers and try to get what they need to make it, I remember when I was in your situation, I stopped for a while I didn't hurry to select any idea, I looked around and asked myself what about tool to generate anything you need by any language you use then I got the idea after 5 minutes, hope to you the best :)

another business (I won't say idea) some companies now in need to some applications to validate if this operation would success and if it'd what's ratio?
almost of them use DIP and extract some information to judge..
some of my colluages did it and won the 3rd place internationally in I2P (Idea to Product)competition their project was to take some pictures of "Liver" and see if the operation success or not.

it was kidney Not Liver ya Romio ;)

Well I am too in my last year in computer science and searching for projects

I and my team are actually into AI as the main category
bs lesa magebnash afkar 7'ales
wa ana me7tag project gamed awy la2en el gam3a 7ata amal kbeer fe our team

pls help

Dear TheHBK, please don't use to write in Franco Arabic here, just English or Arabic allowed!

What's you team members number? what's the fields you interested in?

yes i knew that after i got a warning
well sorry
anyway my team number is only 3
but they have very high IQ + searching powers

we are mainly looking for any field related to AI
we got some sources but still not that amazing
we need a very amazing project

well I got searchs about the most popular universities in the world like MIT, oxford and others we got some good ideas but i need the egyptian help too i want to know how everywhere think

Get your business plan and choose which is suitable to be implemented in your country.

Here i am going to develop a software for managing Hotel operations,,
can u pls help me in developing DFD and ER diagrum for Hotel management system? iam totally unaware of the DFD and ER diagrums..Expecting ur reply...


Read in DFD and ER, and if something faces you, just drop it here!

Here i am going to develop a software for managing Hotel operations,,
can u pls help me in developing DFD and ER diagrum for Hotel management system? iam totally unaware of the DFD and ER diagrums..Expecting ur reply...


just send me your email, i will send you the ER diagram for hotel management!

hi all :
i'm a new member here, anyway i'm a software engineering student and i need help to get an idea for my graduation project too, i'm clueless, we're a group of 2 but we're both hard workers, and we're interested in web applications, if someone has any idea please let me know asap.

Thanks in advance

Use search. There are a thousand posts here about the exact same thing.