Hi guys,

My name is atrixo and I am due to start university in my 3rd year in 2 weeks time.
I currently do a computer science degree.
Need your help and advice on what to do for my final year project!

Basically I have a interest in the networking side of computer science. I was thinking about doing a topic on networking security maybe IDS or WIMAX

But what shall my aim be? do I compare/research new ideas?

What is best?

thanks in advance people

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WIMAX is great, and Security in Wireless connections is vulnerable, you can enhance any software or do yours from scratch(but I don't recommend), what's the time available to you?


I have roughly 8/9 months til the hand-in date.

What do you recommend about WIMAX?

The scopes of it becoming big in my country? Pros and cons of it?

Thing is I dont consider myself very good at programming, so would like to avoid that if possible.


that's good period you can do something great, try to heigher your technical skills
I see you questions would be well answered by you

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