I'm in the end of my final year project which is the time of developing. I'm confuse to use which program language to do my project as all current programing language i have a very basic of it only. current basic knowledge i have in are java, programing c and visual basic 6.

At 1st i was thinking to do this simulation using ARENA, a newly introduce program in our college which is specific for doing simulation. i though i can learn it myself then do my project. but at last i dont even have a bit clue on using it... now i need all the pro here to give a suggestion on using which programming language.

from all the 3, i think i mostly understand visual basic 6. but I'm not sure either it is capable of doing simulation (or is I'm capable to use it for simulation).

what i'm thinking to do is about a plane crash and a calculation conducted by the system, then show out the area of damage on the plane then show out how the passenger to go out the easier way and most save.

second thinking is doing a fire damage in the plane and show on the flame spread (by input the flame spreading speed) in the plane vs the passenger go out in the same time...

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Why are you not sure that your project can be done in Visual Basic? If you can't come up with a reason, then why not use the language with which you are most comfortable.

It will mean one less obsticle to slow you down.


you can use C# or JAVA
I got from your question you're confused to use which programming language but having some experience in VB and C would let you learn C# or Java in weeks

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