hi techies

I am creating a database for a big telecommunications and networking company as a project free of cost. :-O It is an incident management system.

Here are some requirements of the system:

1. keep track of whats being done for a raised incident
2. Measure staff performance on handling the incident
3. Reports for the incidents that are nearing thier due time (for which they should be resolved)
4. compliant with ITIL framework for incident management
5. On demand report
6. Bill needs to be created if applicable to that incident


The telecommunications company that i am making this for, is given name company TelX.

Example of daily use:
company Telx recevies a request for putting new fibre optic cabling in 24 manchester street, from its client. The company assigns a technician to the task, and they want to monitor what progress is being made.

Any feedback will be appreciated. :)

I guess you have signed a non disclosure agreement with the company, and you are not supposed to post any work which you do for the company in a public forum.