We have a filemaker db collecting email subscriptions. We need to export those on a regular basis and import them into a listserv. We would like to write a script to have this all happen on it's own. Is this possible with FileMaker? There is a script in it that I run manually to do the export. Can I trigger that script with a script?


You can easily script an export, just set the destination file and format (probably CSV) in yout script. You can easily trigger the script with one of the Get functions (like Get (current record count = 100, run export script. Ypu can also do it by date and time if you prefer. Any more serious triggering will require a plug in.


You state that I can easiliy create an export script and that is true. How exactly can I get windows to run this script from DOS on a scheduled basis (i.e. Windows Scheduler).


I don't know any way to run it from Windows, but you could run it on a count, or timing built into the script You would still have to have Filemaker running to export the data. You could trigger the import into the listserve using a scripting language like AutoIT.