i have one table.that contains one salary field.I want to find the third maximum row from that field.If anyone knows this please help me


select top 3 COLUMNAME from TABLENAME order by COLUMNAME desc

The first row will be your third highest paid person.

SELECT MIN(column) FROM table WHERE ( SELECT TOP 3 (column) FROM table ORDER BY column desc )

go with the whiz... :)



:) RamyMahrous -> Posting Whiz! Thats what he meant, I guess.

RamyMahrous' solution doesn't work. Use this instead. select min(s.column) from (SELECT TOP 3 (column) FROM table ORDER BY column desc) s

Yes, yes I am sorry I was wrong thanks, pclfw :)

yours soln is very useful for my solution.I join dis community bcz of ur answer

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