FirstName VARCHAR,
[Last Name] Text,
Gender int,
[Date Of Birth] DateTime,
MaritalStatus Integer,
IsMarried Bit,
PersonalIncome Money,
HouseholdIncome Currency

Can u plz tell me where I have to write this Query in MS-Access to craete the Table.

You can look at and therefore add / edit sql statements by clicking the SQL view or View SQL button in the design view.

Can u plz tell me in the more clear way,I m not getting.

This is how you do it in Access 2007. It will be similar in Access 2000 but if you want 2000 instructions please let me know.

Open your database
Select the "Create" tab at the top
Select "Query Design"
Close the "Show Table" popup
Select "SQL View"
Enter the code
Press "Run" and the table will be created.

Good luck

note: in 2007, you'll need to first click the button to create a Create Table query. Then click the SQL Viewer button. Enter your sql and click run to create the table.