Ok so i have an interesting problem i need some help with. I am a beginner/intermediate user of FileMaker Pro 9 and i maintain a database that contains scanned in files. I am trying to automate the scanning/record making process but to do this i need FileMaker to pull the new record information from the filename that is added to a specified folder. Can someone help me figure the code out to get the information out of the file name?

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Depends on exactly how you want to do this.

If you actually import the files to FileMaker container fields (whether as references or storing them in the FileMaker file), GetAsText(ContainerField) will give you some basic information, notably the file name. If you have more advanced needs, you may consider using the TroiFile plugin (www.troi.com). Please get back to me either on this forum or backchannel if you want to send me some more details on exactly what you want to do.

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