I'm sorry but I'm totally new on Web Development, I'd like to make a registration form for everyone that downloads a file I have on a Website. The ideal thing would be to send a confirmation email where the link to file is attatched.

So basically when a person wants to download a file I want him to supply me with his email and name and to make sure the email is valid I want to email him the link to the file.

What tools do I need? Can I use MySQL? What else do I need. I don't want a detailed explanation but some links and some general information would be highly appreciated!

The form have to be done in something like PHP/ASP.NET/JSP to validate data submited by user, authenticate and then send email back (often known as server side programming or scripting). MySQL is good solution and simple to connect with variety of languages

Hi e_pech,

Since Peter already give you an explanation. I will throw in some links for you.

Simple user login script * You will need to login to download the script.

Login Script Tutorial

Those i got by googling, so you can probably take it from here.

Best of luck

Thanks to both of you! At least now I have a place to start!