OS: Win XP Pro
Apps: FMPro 9 and MS ACCESS 2007
Database Types: both are Local to my machine

Good afternoon everyone!!!

--------"Connect to a MS Access DB"----------

I am new at using FMPro 9 (very new after a year of using VBA to manipulate and control MSACCESS db's)...

I see that I can connect to an external source (ODBC), but I am running into obstacles actually attempting to connect to my access db:

I have followed the instructions in the help files on "Configuring an ODBC client driver"
and even chose the Access DB I want to connect to....

I was able to choose this external source under File>Manage>External Data Sources...

Now, when I choose to edit the relationships in my FMP database and attempt to select the "MS ACCESS" source, I get an error stating that the ODBC source is not supported...

So, is there something I am missing, or am I just plain limited to not being able to grab data from a table in an access database?

Thanks for your help and suggestions in advanced!!!


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Hi Carmen,

External Data Sources currently support only certain SQL major databases (MySQL, Oracle and a few more), not Access.

If you want to connect to an Access database, you can therefore not have this kind of live connection. You have to make do with some kind of synchronization.

Try using a script with "Import records > ODBC Data Source" to get data and "Execute SQL" to write data.

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