I am fairly new at this so please bear with me.

I created a table called vehicles with one field called vehicle. I then created a form to "Add a Vehicle" to add a new record which worked great. However, I had to go into the table and mark it as a primary key. Then, I created a form to delete a record. I made a combo box to grab records from the table, where you select the record to delete, and then used the command button to delete a record. I got error message 3022 telling me that it would create duplicate values....Is this because at the end of the table is the add new record which is blank and then delete record makes the value blank as well? Is there something I can do? I am so confused.

I spent all day creating a work around with a delete query only I am having trouble with this as well. I created a combo list to select the value and then created my own command button which sets the value and uses a delete query. Works great (the value is deleted from the table) but when I open the form to do another delete, the value still hsows up in the combo box either as the value or #delete. If I open and close a few times it goes away.

Any advice?

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