Hello All,

I am needing to develop an SSIS package that reads a large text file into an SQL Server table, then formats 2 different output text files. I think that is the easy part as my client wishes to run this from a VB 2005 front-end by clicking on a button and receiving notices as to if its still running, if it succeeded or failed, how man rows have loaded, what step its on (loading text, exporting file1 or file2, etc) and if it failed, some general information about the failure (not just "process failed").

I have looked into several things already and it seems the .LoadPackage method in VB 2005 is a synchronous call. This wont help me with the status messages. I think figured that I would create an SQL Server Agent job, and kick that off via VB 2005 using SMO. This is where I am stuck.

Has anyone tried or seen VB 2005 code that will run an Agent job (which executes an SSIS package) but also tracks that job's progress and provides information as to its current state as its running?

Is any of this possible? I have told my client she can have this, as I dont believe much of anything is impossible, but that it might take some time to create.

Any ideas, direction, sites with examples - anything would be so very appreciated!