ER Model:

I´ve got this:


And want this:

(Paint image.. lol)

Anyone knows how to build a stored procedure who does that or a view?


Why don't you post the CREATE() table structure with some sample data so we have something to work with.

I already gave you all the information :(

Please, view the links in the first post.


You gave me a picture of the database diagram and the results pane. I asked for the create statements. See the second post.

lol.. The first diagram contains EVERYTHING you should want to know include the CREATE statement.. so see again the first post..

commented: Bad attitude towards people trying to help him. +0
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Well you obviously fail to understand my outlook on this. I am not going to take your picture and rewrite your create statements at the expense of my time to help you solve your problem.

I hope you find a solution to your problem. I am unsubscribing from this thread and ignoring future posts on it. Good luck.

ohh.. THANKS for your precious time on spending more time criticise the obvious thing than helping me..

Guys like u should be baned.. tshhh..


Sknake is one of the most helpful posters here. He asked simply that you provide him with a create statement and sample data so he can provide you with a thorough solution for your problem.

Everyone here has their own work to do so it is the requester's responsibility to do the grunt work if you need help.