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i have a table containing employees in and out dates of a project containing sat and sun.i want to remove sat and sun and display results.how to achieve this.

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Select [field 1], [field 2], from [your table name].
Note: replace field1 and field 2 by your desired column name.
i think you are using "*" which picks all record in a table so use above statement instead.


Thanks for the reply but may be i wasn't clear in my requirement.I have a table containing two columns containing indate and outdate of projects.These columns contain saturday and sundays.I want to remove saturday and sundays and generate a report where if i have a saturday it should shift to monday and same with sunday.


The weekday() function returns the day of the week as an integer. The function takes a date and an optional beginning day of the week value as arguments.

The dateadd() function allows you to add days to a date.

You should be able to do what you are wanting with those two functions.

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