Im not really sure if this is in the right forum but it is about MS Access so i thought here was as good as anywhere.

Basically i am trying to make a front end for an ms database - and to be totally honest i dont know where to start. I have made the database though. What i want to be able to do is have a section for adding new records and then have a section for searching for records and bringing them up with all the information.

So i would be very appreciative of your help. Thanks in advance.

If you need any other details just ask.

Joseph Bromwich

What are you programming the front end in?

i was thinking something like vb - but i dont really know.


This there a reason you don't just use Access to program forms instead of vb for the front end? I think it's easier, so unless there's a reason not to, maybe that's a better idea. Anyway... here's how to connect to an access database from VB:



is there anywhere i can get an example program - or something like that?


Attached is a zip file containing the Addressbook example from the site I posted the link to.

I simply went through the directions in the site to create the addressbook.