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Jack’s Jail is a new private facility set up to cash in on the current shortage of prison places. The jail is to be set up in Manchester using some old buildings that are surplus to requirements (so some of the inmates could be familiar with the layout of their new accommodation!).
The Jail is planned to have 643 cells – each cell has a wing letter (A-D), level (1 to 4) and cell number (two digits). Of these cells, 220 can be shared cells (double occupancy – if there is the need) and 43, of the single occupancy cells, are suitable for high surveillance and can be used for ‘at risk’ prisoners. There is also an isolation block (wing E, level 1, 20 cells) where prisoners on punishment can be transferred for periods of between two and 10 days.
To run his jail, Jack needs a ‘hotel system’ to keep track of the inmates. The system will need to book-in the prisoners when they arrive (record their name, prisoner number, date of admission (i.e. start of sentence), length of sentence (in days), category (A to D) and whether they are considered ‘at risk’. Prisoners with ‘at risk’ status also have details recorded of the nature of that risk, e.g. danger of suicide. As well as recording the prisoner’s details the book-in process has to allocate a suitable cell (taking into account their status (category A and B can not share a cell) and whether they are ‘at risk’).
Once booked in the prisoner details can be amended. They may receive remission (days to be deducted from their sentence) and this must be added to their record.
Prisoners can also be put ‘on punishment’ in which case they are allocated to a cell on wing E for the duration of the punishment (their original cell allocation is retained and they return there at the end of the punishment period). Each punishment is recorded on the prisoner’s record with the offence title, punishment start date and duration; details of the punishment are retained and can be taken into account if further offences occur.
The system needs also needs to make sure that prisoners are released on time. Each week there is a report listing prisoners to be released the following week (calculated from: date of admission + length of sentence – remission). When the prisoner is released the release date is added to their record (and obviously their cell becomes free and available for new inmates).

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