I am Installing XAMPP in Windows XP but when I start my computer it gives the dialog box with "mysqld.exe not found" and when i start the localhost/phpmyadmin the following errpr is occured

"#2003 - The server is not responding "

pls some one give me some solution of this problem.

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Have you tried to redownload XAMPP?
The file may have been corrupted during download, and hence was not properly extracted.

You could also try using WAMPServer which is more or less the same as XAMPP, however you will need to download an aditional jar for TOMCAT support


the server mysqld.exe is usually installed as a service on MS XP. You can check it:

Start > run > enter: services.msc

Examine sevice mysqld whether it is started. If not start it.

If already started and error still exists, examine service mysqld again, then click right mouse key on it to see its properties tabs. Here click on LOG ON tab and check mark for Allow Service To Interact With Desktop.

Hopefully this will help.

-- tesu

Try To Format Your PC First.


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