Can someone pls pls help me??really need help creating an ERD (Database Management System)?
ok so i can create an ERD for the first two statement, im just stuck on the third and fourth statement, i dont how to draw them, someone pls help me..

Given the following business rules, create the appropriate Crow's Foot ERD.

- A store has many customers and many salespeople

- Each salesperson has many customers

- The sales inventory contains many items

- When a sale is completed a "charge" for all the items sold is added

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I think statement 3 may seem tricky because it feels like there should be more to it. But it just means it's a simple entity. I think the Sales Inventory should be an entity on its own. And for statement 4, there should be an entity named "Sales" which contains an attribute named "charge". There would be a one-to-one relationship between Sales Inventory and Sales. The Salesperson entity should have a one-to-many relationship with the Sales Inventory entity (crows feet on the Sales Inventory), since one sales person can have many sales. And the Salesperson entity should also have a one-to-many relationship with the Customers entity (crows feet on Customers), since a salesperson can have multiple customers.

This is my opinion on all this. I may be wrong though. Good luck.

No homework / assignment please.

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