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ABC County Basketball Conference (ACBC) is an amateur basketball association. ACBC has contacted you to create a database that will meet the expected data requirements for its basketball game management program. The ACBC administrator gives you the following description of the group’s operating environment.

Each city in the county has one team that represents it. The database will maintain information about cities (City_ID, Name, and State) and teams (Team_ID, Name, and Mascot). Each team has a number of players. Each player belongs to one team. Player information (such as Player_ID, FName, LName, and Position) will be maintained in the database

A team has many coaches (e.g., head coach, offensive coaches, defensive coaches etc.). Each coach belongs to one team. The database will store information on coach such as Coach-ID, Name, Phone, and Title.

A team plays many games against other teams during the season. Each game involves two teams. The game information (such as Game_ID, Location, Score, Date and Description) will be maintained. The system will need to maintain information which team won or lost in the game.

For the basketball game management, ACBS hires staff members. The system maintains information on staff (such as Emp_ID, FName, LName, Address, HireDate and Salary). The association assigns staff to games for game management. A staff member is assigned to many games. Each game is assigned many staff members. The database needs to keep track of the number of hours assigned to games for each staff member. The system also needs to maintain the information on the dependents of the staff members (such as FirstName, Relationship, and BirthDate) for the purpose of payroll calculation.


- The first step to database development is to construct a conceptual model. Given the data requirements and business rules, construct a conceptual model using ERD.

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