we have a mysql server running from mac os x. i dont like mac but the server has been here forever.

a client machine received the 'too m any connections to server' error. my colleague restarted the mysql server - and now the mysql server service will not start.

does anyone have an idea of what may be going on with this?


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Maybe there is a mysql process still blocking the 3306 port. Restart the machine or kill this process (if you find it).
I don't know how close MacOS sticks to its ancestor linux. With linux the advice would be, look under /var/log/messages to find info as to why mysqld would not start.


appreciate the help - i actually got it to work

i renamed the my.cnf file to my.cnf.bak
ran sudo mysqld_safe and it recreated the config file and worked

a it guy here set the max connections to 1000000, which must have destroyed something in the config file

the service is started now, thanks for your help!

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