I'm new to MySQL and downloaded easyphp a while ago and had been using the phpmyadmin GUI to create databases on MySQL. Because I am also doing web development I decided to download Wordpress. But as I was downloading Wordpress I got a message telling me that I did not have MySQL installed on my computer and had to install it first. This shocked me as i had been using MySQL and had created some very important databases which I'm afraid of losing. What should I do? Should I uninstall easyphp and install MySQL separately, but if I do this, won't i lose the databases i had previously created? I thought that Easyphp installed MySQL on the computer. Would Someone please help me in my predicament?


Normally installing mysql will not overwrite your database files however to be on the safe side use phpmyadmin to backup the databases or export them using mysqldump (or both). My suggestion is: make two separate copies of the data files. Murphy's Law says if you have two backups then you won't need both, or they are corrupt on the same file. Having two different exports means you should be able to handle any situation that comes up if you have to restore.

Then if you are running on a Windows based PC I recommend using XAMP. It usually picks up your current configuration and adjusts for the environment.