Hello to all,
I have installed SQL Server 2005 on windows xp . Please tell me how can i create new SQL database ?

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Just open SQL and right click on the "Databases" node in the Object explorer -> New Database. when the new database form pops up simply type a database name and click okay.

but here is only cofig.no and sql manager studio?

Is it express edition?

yes ..it is express edition

I already installed on Win xp but ,i havnt Management studio in option..

It has not got installed properly or try restart ur system.

i restarted ,, but problem is not solved.

Have you given proper instance name while installing? or any other Sql server version already there in your system?
can remove from control panel and try re installing?

sir i did this process 3 times .i downloaded Management studio sapratlly , installed it but there was prob lem to extract. what can i do please help me..

Go to control panel remove everything releated to SQL server. Then install with proper instance name and restart your system. i cant predict what exactly is the problem..

Hi all ,
still i have problem with intallation SQL Serever 2005.I installed SQL server 2005 with adv servies ,there is no any Sql server Management Studio.I have to download it sapreatly and install it?First of all i have to install SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio?plz help me.

Do a system restore to a date before you installed sql server, try re-installing SQL Server and be careful no to change names or properties where not necessary

i didnt understand plz answer me......How can i install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio,?

have a look at this

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