The application is supposed to install the following without connecting to internet.

.Net Framework 3.5
MySQL Server (noinstall zip)
- custom install dir, basedir, datadir
- run as service with custom name
My SQL Connector
Restore Mysql db
Update Config file with the MySQL uname/pwd.

I have all the msi files for installing the above mentioned items. But am wondering about the best practice to create the installer.

I have been attempting to do this with the Visual Studio 2008 deployment:
I have the .NET framework working fine however installing the MYSQL Server from the noinstall zip is alluding me at the moment

I cant seem to understand how to install the MYSQL noinstall zip using the VS 2008 deployment

any tutorial or walkthrough suggestion on the MYSQL Install would be great.

I also have NSIS but have not played with it as of yet...

Thank you in advance

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As long as my project follows the GPLs there does not seem to be a conflict with licensing...

This is a test deployment if all works according to plan the company shall be purchasing licensing with MySQL...

I can't seem to find a step-by-step tutorial for creating this...

using Visual Studio 2010
.NET Framework 4.0

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