Hi guys, i have got a client who wants to make an online food guiter / counter. I have got the book Calorie King with 17,000 foods but i don't want to type out the data. Is there someone who has the Australian food in a excel, access or mysql version??


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Your data is in which format ?

The easiest way would be to contact the author, ask to buy their database. (Although I doubt they want the competition.) Copying from the book sounds like a copyright infringement. Be careful of your steps.

thank you guys, my data is in a book.. I don't think the data is at a Copyright Infringement as the data is the same as on a the package label, but all in 1 book.

You mean to say a physical book (a printed hard copy) ?


then no program can read that and load into a database for you.

You might consider looking at the bibliography of the book, and see if the author lists the source of the information. It might be possible to get it from the same source (like, for instance, if it's a government publication or source).

yeah, i think soo too... Ill have a look...

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