hi dear i i have two columns in an access table, first column is of percentage and second is of result . i want that result should be automatically calculated as if the percentage is les than 33 then ruselt fail and if percentage is greater than 33 then result should be passed plz reply

If I remember correctly Access doesn't support case (which would make this a walk in the park).

Do you want to update the table, show the calculated column on a form / report or what?
If you just want to update the table you can create 2 update queries. 1 for the failed records and 1 for the success ones. You can put them in a macro and run it with a button click or on form load with some VBA.

Access does have a version of the "IIF" statement that you can use in place of CASE. It's not pretty when you have to nest them, but it should do the trick.

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