Main Form = Frm_Engineer_Search
Sub Form = Frm_Engineers
Frm_Engineers populated by Tbl_Engineers

I've been trying to link together a textbox with a subform so when a surname is entered into TxtSearch and CmdSearch is click it will run a query/refresh the subform displaying the correct record which correspond to the entered surname. Is this possible? I've tried entering into Qry_Engineer_Search in the Surname attribute criteria [Forms!][Frm_Engineer_Search!][TxtSearch] and add me.refresh to CmdSearch Click event but it just refreshes the whole form.

Any pointers? Thanks in advance

mr.refresh should refresh the whole form. If you want to requery the subform (and only that) you should use me.subform_name.requery (of course replace subform_name with your subform's name).

Hi, i havent managed to get the subform working using Frm_engineers, so instead i've created a subform using an existing query. Does this still count as a subform as such, i've got an unbound text box which searches for surname and then went the command button is clicked it runs me.refresh and displays the correct record :)

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