Dear All,
I got a query where I would like to select the clientName from tblClient but with condition that this clientID does not exist in another table call tblCDSValidity. I tried like this but it failed.

SELECT tblClient.clientID, tblClient.clientName FROM tblClient,tblCDSValidity Where tblClient.clientStatus='a' And tblClient.clientID!=tblCDSValidity.clientID ORDER BY tblClient.clientName

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SELECT clientID, clientName 
FROM tblClient
WHERE clientStatus='a' 
AND clientID NOT IN (SELECT clientID FROM tblCDSValidity)
ORDER BY clientName

Dear Prit,
It works great thank you very much.

Please mark this thread as solved.

Dear Prit,
I cannot find the option to mark it solved?

It's below, near the reply box. A text-link "mark as solved" if I remember correctly.

Dear Prit,
Ok done. Thank you.

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