how to create a short summary form in Access Database?
I have created a database in which I have created 4 tables

1. Pregnant Women Data
2. Feedback of Pregnant Women Data
3. Traditional Birth Attendants Data
4. Villages Data

I have registered 3397 pregnant women, and issued some women who have 3rd semester pregnancy. and about 247 TBAs also registered. Now I want to create a form in that I want to show the:
Total number of Pregnant Women,
Total Number of TBAs,
Total number of kits issued etc...

Of course, without knowing your database schema I can only offer general advice. It sounds like you want to do simple counts and sums from unrelated tables, and display them on the same form. Well, okay.

I suggest you start out creating a "UNION" query, and put in some SQL that looks somewhat like this:

SELECT "CountOfPreggers" AS CountType, Count(*) AS Expr1
FROM tblPreggers


SELECT "CountOfTBAs" AS CountType, Count(*) AS Expr1
FROM tblTraditionalBirthAttendants


SELECT "VillageKitsIssued" AS CountType, Sum([VillagesKitsIssuedCount]) AS Expr1
FROM tblVillages;

Of course the table and column names are only for illustrative purposes. Notice that there are two different functions being used: Sum() and Count(). I think you can probably figure out what each of those do.

Anyway, once you've created this query, you can use the Form Wizard to generate an auto-form based on it. It won't be pretty, but it will give you what you asked for. And, of course, you can use all sorts of other tables and functions if you want to mix and match your data. The only thing to be cautious of is that each part of the UNION has to have the same number of columns returned.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

no it does not works.
can you send me your email address, so that i can send you file?

No. I don't do freebie piece-work. Post what the problem is. I will help if I can.