Access 97

I am developing a system and am getting the following error on compilation - "Cyclic reference of projects not allowed".

The help system advises me to resolve the reference but doesn't say how. The compilation window does not highlight the error in the code and I can't figure where to start.

Can anybody suggest a method/strategy to resolve this problem. I am a reasonably experienced Access 97 developer but this one baffles me.


Ken (UK)

cyclic reference means you have fields that try to compute off of each other that form a loop.

Something like
Field a = b+1
Field b = c+1
Field c = a+1

you need to figure out where this chain/loop is and break the cycle. without having details of your setup, it's hard to give you any more specific help


Thanks for the reply. I isolated the problem down to one module in my project but I can't spot any cyclic references.

In the end I decided to cut my losses and rewrote the module using a different approach - I no longer have the problem and it remains a puzzle.