I have email which contains some data and i want to update that into a database using MS access 2007 need help on creating a form and a database in MS access 2007 would appricate if some one can help me from scratch as i am noivice when it comes to programming


Microsoft Access itself is the database and it allows you to create forms. Are you asking about that specifically, or are you trying to create a front-end web application to interface with the DB. I assume the second since you mentioned HTML in your title.

If that is the case, you cannot do this with HTML alone. The best way is to use some sort of server side scripting such as PHP, ASP.net, ASP, JSP, etc...

Do you have any experience or interest in a specific language?

Hey Jorge,
Thanks for the reply i am a novice when it comes to programming // what i am trying is to create a database of candicated who are looking for jobs // and i am going to give these details to some one else so i need o create a form when he enters in that form it should become some kind of databse which i should be able to access easily and convert like from sql to access to CSV format for further use

Ok, so you can use Microsoft Access to start. Even if you choose another DB later in the future, you shouldnt have a tough time migrating the data. With regard to a form, again, Microsoft Access does allow you to create a form to access the database. The form itself is just to present a more friendlier interface. AGain, you can do that for now. Once the DB is in place, you can create additional front-end solutions.

I would suggest you start with the database itself and not worry about the form at this time. AGain, the form is just for presentation and/or input.

Think about the data that you are interested in storing. Also how different data is related. For example, take a store that sells shoes. In the database, you will have a customer table, inventory table, sales table, employee table, supplier table, etc... Rather than duplicating data, you normalize it across various tables, then join the tables to produce results to queries. Too much info to provide within this thread.

You may want to start here and get more information about Access:

you'll find guides and how-to videos.

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