I am interested in getting sql language certification. I have some knowledge and would want to know how much I have to learn more to pass the exam. Also which site to use for passing, so it would be worth spent money, so my resume would look better? I did quick google search and found


but I have no idea how employers are thinking about this - is it good or not? The price looks decent - 10$ and if want to retake then 5$.

There is also http://www.w3schools.com/cert/default.asp
php and sql certification, but it costs much more. 95$. Does it make it more worth or what?

Can you give some more info about those certifications?

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Personally, I would not trust the skills of anyone having certifications of these sites. If you really want one, take one from a trusted source like MySQL (or whichever you prefer). You need to invest more (money and time), but you'll be recognized.

I am now using postgresql most of the time, but I cannot find where is the certification on the official site http://www.postgresql.org/ Maybe there is no one.

thanks, but this is bad, I am not going to the US, and even if I would want, I would not have money that much to go from europe :)
I want something which I could do in my own country.

in my own country

If you don't say, I can't guess...

If you don't say, I can't guess...

I mean online certificates should be from any country. But I asked today my collegues and he said there are offline exams in my country, I would not have thought about that. Its Lithuania, small country. So I will have to google search in my language.

Hi All,

I'm also going for a training for MS SQL Certification.
Would you let us know what to expect in the certification exam? What should we prepare, tips you could share to us..

Actually, I am very nervous about it, coz it will cost too much.

I'm thanking you all, in advance.

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