Write a program in a high-level language which accepts as input a user's description of an E/R diagram, automatically converts this to a relational schema, and outputs both the E/R model and the relational schema in some readable and understandable form.

The E/R model does not have to input graphically through a sophisticated GUI, although you can certainly do that if you wish. You can also input this model using a command line interface, or though any other technique you can think of.

Once this model is input to your program, it should be able to:
· Output the model in an understandable fashion
· Convert this model to a relational model using a minimal number of tables.
· Output the relational schema

Team, i dont want the code or solution,

I just want to know what this question mean, please give me an example of what the input and ouput would look like.
Provide me some scenraio or examples.
plzz help me in this.

I just want to understand the design what is asked in this questions.
Plzz help