Hi All,
I am currently working on a MySQL database, and am using mySQL Workbench to create a local server. From this computer(the one that is hosting the server) i have no problem connecting to the mysql server through, however when I try to connect from another computer, I cannot. I have tried connecting through, as well as through the external IP, both with no success. I have a user "root" set up with full access, and I have also tried connecting through that. What can i do to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

Exact error im getting:

Failed to Connect to MySQL at "External IP" with user root.
Cant Connect to mySQL server on "External IP" (61)

You need to tell your router to allow access to your computer through that port.
This is called port forwarding, look it up and you will find some information, it's quite simple.

You'll need to connect to the server's IP address or hostname (not and make sure the firewall isn't blocking.

The problem is, that Im working on this project at a university, so I do not have access to port forwarding.. is not a valid IP address to communicate over the network.
It is the home address.

You will need the IP address of your host terminal, as pritaeas said.

With the satement of you working on this project at a university brings up a few questions.

Does the univerisity use DNS?
If not is the terminal IP static, or on a 24 hour lease?

If the IP is not static, then you will have to change it every time the machine does not lease the same IP.

The DNS on the other hand, would remain constant (with exceptions)

Who are you trying to give access to? You can give anyone on that University access to your box if you know your auto obtained IP address (ipconfig at the cmd prmopt). Anyone outside of the university will not be able to use that address however.

however when I try to connect from another computer, I cannot.

If you are on the same local network, you will be able to connect to this computer by its IP address, not You need to find out what's its address is.

If you are trying to connect from a remote subnet, say your house into the university's network, you will not be able to do so unless the proper configuration is in place at their perimeter network.

I am on the same network, however I cannot connect to the server. I can ping it however. I think the main problem is the port, since it is not open. I cannot change that however, so a workaround would be great :/
As for Static Ip, the computer is being set up with a static IP, however that will have to wait till tommorow so the IP will change, which does not really make a difference.

The port should be listening since you are able to connect to it from the same machine. The problem may be that the computer has a local firewall running which does not allow this port to accept connections.

what does it give you when you enter the ip on the browser from the other pc, for example when entering 192.168.x.x ? Is it page not found or access forbidden or what?

Have you tried changing to the remote computer's ip e.g ?

Also - by default MySQL often doesn't listen (check for the no-listen directive in /etc/my.cnf) or listens on localhost only. Double check that it is listening on the network using netstat -lnp and make sure mysql is listening on *:3306 or

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