hi all
i want to insert 110 million record in oracle database but i am using java application to insert the data but it takes 4 days to complete i check the program to see if there is a problem but what i found that the insert to the database what takes a long time i will be greatful for any help

Depending on what format the source data is in you might want to look at BULK INSERT. You could also look at bulk load

could you explain more the data source is text file but i have do some modification on that text file before it is inserted to the database

I'm more familiar with MS SQL but a safe format is usually one record per line with all fields enclosed in double quotes and separated by commas.

Try using /*+ APPEND */ hint

The APPEND hint instructs the optimizer to use direct-path INSERT.In direct-path INSERT, data is appended to the end of the table, rather than using existing space currently allocated to the table. As a result, direct-path INSERT can be considerably faster than conventional INSERT.

could you explain how to do it you should know that i am using java application to insert the data

i use the append hint but it does not reduce much time that i need i need a way to insert the 110 milion in 12 hours or less if you can???

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