I have a JDesktop app using apache derby embedded db. Without totally rewriting the app can it have the same db but on a server?

This pointed me to a potential solution.

The Network Server Framework
The Derby network server framework, on the other hand, differs from the embedded framework in that the former provides a continuously running server-style Java application that allows multiple, remote JDBC applications to connect to Derby. The major difference between the embedded and network-server frameworks is that the latter allows applications from multiple JVMs to access the same database. This database is the one provided by the network server and the multiple JVMs that access it are the clients. So, the network server framework frees you from the restriction of the embedded framework where all access must be from within the one JVM.

I found a good link to info.(above.)
Is there any one at daniweb interested in helping to set up my app to use a network database?

I will have to consult the experts on this one clearly it is out of the scope of this forum. I will learn it and return to enlighten the forum

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