Dear friends,
I have several dbf files, by exporting them from the same shp file in ArcMap.
I would like to know how can i merge them in one, in order to get my final results.
I would like also to inform you that these dbf files have the SAME collumns names, but different values.
I dont know how to use FoxPro.
Thank you in advance

Good afternoon,

If the columns (fields) have the same name in each DBF file (table), the process is fairly simple. First, decide if you want to use one of the three tables to hold the final results, or keep the three tables as they are for historical value.
Also read more DBF Viewer Tool for solution:
I'll give you the second option, just because it's a better choice. I don't know the names of your tables, so I'll just use File1, File2, File3 and Final as the names and you can substitute the real names in each case. All of the following commands should be typed into the command window. Each command will be executed when you press the enter key (after typing each line). FoxPro commands will be in upper case and must be exact, the table names will be in mixed case and need to be changed to match your specific files (the extension (.DBF) is optional).

USE File1
USE Final

The final command will close your <Final> table. If you want to do something with it right away, don't issue the final USE command. If you want to look at the results, type BROWSE before the file is closed. Press ESC to close the BROWSE window; remember to issue the USE command after looking at the file so it will be properly closed.

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