Ive basically finished a program for my A level CS cousework, but with a few days left in the deadline I want to make my database accessible online. When the app is done and compiled it should be able to access the database on the server from anywhere and any device. I guess I can copy the database onto an old PC and run that as a server, its just I have no clue how to do it.

Im using VB.net on Visual Studio 2019. The database is Access and I'm using Oledb to do all the communicating with it. I think as of this moment im fairly confident in the basics when handling it locally. Ive done port forwarding and setting up a static IP adress before, but again, I've no clue where to start on this and I cant find anything on this online.

I'd be greatful for any help.

IIRC an OLEDB connection string to a MS Access database uses a filepath/UNC path. This is not possible over an open internet connection.

You'd need to build an API around your database to make this possible, or switch to another database (e.g. MS SQL).

commented: Spot on. My preference for multi-user is SQL. MySQL specifically. +15
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