Looking for directions. Where would one go to find a downloadable excel sheet, listing the streets of Algeria city?

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I'm going with "Can't be done" for 2 reasons.

  1. There are more streets than will fit into the number of rows in Excel sheets.
  2. In Algeria where streets may have more than one name, or no name at all.

There is some similar shill questions out there with the usual spam replies so I take it you have an honest question here.
The answer is no for the reasons I gave as well as other reasons.

I'm going with "can be done" - at least in theory

  1. Excel supports 1 million rows
  2. Even London has (only) 32 thousand streets ( https://www.proviser.com/uk/towns/london/street-map )
  3. Some streets in London have 2 or more names ( https://www.maps.thehunthouse.com/Streets/New_to_Old_London_Street_Name_Changes.htm )
commented: Algeria is a country so there's that. However this question has been done many times and what follows is usually a spammer reply. +0
commented: Thank you for reply. :) +0

Works for sure, thanks a lot.

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