Hey all, i am new to these forums and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice/help

Currenlty we have MS Access databse which was created well before i started, this database has all our work instructions mixed into it. Unfortunately it isn't the easiest thing to navigate and seeing as we want all users to look at it i was asked to look into creating a "front end" that is on the network.
Is there any way that i can publish the reports created in access to the web? or call report from within a web site?
Currently we have all the information from the reports copied int a HTML file and people can view that, but if a change is made to a WI (which is done quite frequently) we have to double handle the information.
When you run a report (based on a query) it asks for 2 pieces of information, the WI type ( two letter abbreviation) and a WI Number.

Is there a way i can Automate a web site to call the database and based on the link clicked, automatically fill out the required boxes?

Unfortunately i dont have too much database or coding experience, so any help would be appreciated


p.s. i know SQL would be better option, but i have to work with what i got.

Added: Is it possible to call a report from a web site? i.e. a link/code that automatically fills in the blanks (WI Type, WI Number) and displays the report WITHOUT opening Access?