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I am done wracking my brain on this one, so if anyone has an answer I would be most grateful!

I am trying to format a form in Access where users could check off a box and have the home address (already enetered on another subform) auto-filled in the fields that follow. Conversely, if the box is unchecked, users can type the correct address into the fields that follow. This would be similar to the "checkout" function on some websites where you check the box to indicate that your shipping address is the same as the billing address that you had already entered. (Does this make sense?) I'm not terribly literate in VB, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

It strikes me that you can do it two ways,

1) fill the address in as the form loads using vb to get info from previous form with the tick in box filled.

However if the user removes tick, then you have to code the removal of the address (more work)

2) Load the form with the address fields left blank.

The user either fills in a delivery adress or ticks the box to indicate use the previous address. Then when user leaves form you fill the delivery address in.

If you need more help, then ask some more or send me a message.


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