I'd really appreciate some help from the access/db gurus out there.

I've got an access 2000 database, on a WIN2K machine, which has linked tables to a Sybase db, connecting through a Sybase ASE ODBC driver.

I find that everytime i try and get data from the linked table i need to enter a username and password. Now this is a problem because I have VB scripts running automatically through a form to connect and extract data however they are failing due to the connection requesting s username and password.

I heard you can enter the password in the connection string somewhere but I cant seem to find the place to enter it in the ODBC configuration area on Win2k....and linked table properties cant be altered in MS Access.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Try this (it applies for 2003, I don't have 2000 installed now), delete the linked table and relink it while using the table name there is supposed to be a check box to the buttom right of the window, check it and it shall work.