I'm making a fantasy game :D and after googled awhile I found some really cool model resource places (I bought some models here and there too they're all very nice) and wanna share them with you. Well, here they're:


[img]http://www.3drt.com/3dm/characters/warrior/warrior_01.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.3drt.com/3dm/characters/amazon/amazon_10.jpg[/img]

The price's kinda high but they have a free monster model at
http://www.3drt.com/downloads.htm ;)




They have a lot of fantasy buildings I like it.


They have nice characters and weapons and nice prices :)





Cool characters and monsters and nice prices. :)
And they have free sea scene maker, pretty good: http://3dbud.com/stuff.htm


They have house models and weapons!



Here's for the trees, I love their Tropical Tree Pack, it's very nice.


and http://www.frogames.net/

I dunno why they have an Internal Server Error today, but they have cute fantasy models, really!

he's not using anything, he's spamming his sites on the forum...

o yea haha that was really stupid of me.