Hi all,

I am a Network Engineer, I have BSc and MSc degrees in Communication Engineering, CCNA Certified, and Juniper Certified..BUT...I love Games Development. I left all that behind and I started taking online courses to program and develop games. I learned C++ and I am very good at it and I'm studying Graphics Programming with C++. I am a very good modeler using 3DS MAX.
How do I get an opportunity to work as a junior programmer or any title related to Games Development..I am ready to leave my job and anyother job being offered just to venture into Gaming world..Games Developing is what I want to do. Can anyone show me how can I put my foot in the door step?

Attached is a sample of my 3D Work


First and foremost, don't tell them that you're "very good" unless you have the means to prove it.
Those pictures looks nice indeed, but they may be totally useless for use in a game.
Looks aren't everything after all, the number of polygons is vital as performance depends on keeping it down.

And don't expect to be hired for a top spot. You'll have to start at the bottom with the fresh graduate kids hopeful to make it big in an industry where most burn out before ever making a name for themselves.

That said, submit a letter of introduction with maybe some samples of your work to game studios.
If they need people with your skills they may well get back to you, if their HR flunkies can get the idea that anyone over 25 years old doesn't "fit in the young and dynamic team" because they're too old out of their head.

I don't know too much about breaking into the industry but I do major in Video Game Programming at my college and one website we're always on here is:


That's a direct link to their jobs section so you might want to start there. That website is a great resource for development news as well.

The above poster is correct tho, it's nearly impossible to break into a "top spot" in the industry and the work is extremely demanding. Some of the professors in my school are employee's at various game studios in Manhattan and they're so busy that they miss more classes than the students!

Regardless, the attached images are very nice and good luck with your job search. :)